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We need your help. As a small advocacy organization of transportation professionals, there is only so much we can do without working with our community.

Campaigns like this aren't just about the end result. They are about building relationships, working with the community, and having (sometimes hard) conversations. 

So, this campaign isn't just about the staff at Local Motion and the work we do. This campaign is about you - the support you give us, the time you spend talking to your friends and loved ones about these issues, and the vision you have for a more livable Columbia. Thank you for advocating for a livable Columbia. 

Meet Your Campaign Organizers

Rikki Ascani

Campaign Supervisor and
Community Engagement Director

Lawrence Simonson

Policy Wizard and Chief Executive Officer Lawrence@LoMoCoMo.org

Gabi Jacobs

Communications Nerd and
Community Engagement Coordinator

Annette Triplett
Annette Triplett

Chief Development Officer | Annette@LoMoCoMo.org

Meet Our Sponsors

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Stronger Together.

Campaigns are rarely successful with just one individual or organization. That’s why we chose to create a coalition of folks from local businesses, organizations, and places of worship to collaborate with us to ensure a successful CoMo Livable Streets campaign.

Who is Local Motion?
Local Motion is a grassroots advocacy organization focused on transportation equity.

The mission of Local Motion is to provide walking, biking, and transit solutions to meet people’s everyday transportation needs. The vision of Local Motion is towns built for people, where it’s easy to walk, bike, and ride transit, and everyone can get where they want to go.

Meet the Coalition

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Central Missouri Community Action


Print our CoMo Livable Streets campaign materials to share with your friends and neighbors.
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