We can create livable places by designing livable streets.

In many areas of Columbia, the streets weren’t designed for the people who live closest to them.
Instead, the streets prioritize whisking cars across town and through neighborhoods as quickly as possible.
Business Loop 70 and a person on a bike crossing at a crosswalk.
By building more livable streets and prioritizing improvements to areas of historic underinvestment,
livable places become accessible and affordable to everyone -
not just to people in positions of privilege.
Thriving Neighborhoods, Thriving Business, Happy People
Focus on Equity
Prioritizing People Walking, Biking, and Taking
Public Transit
Prioritizing Livability
“I think that the lower income neighborhoods are really being looked over, not being cared for, they are not even being thought about.
It’s just like a forgotten thought.”
– Sophia Smith, Columbia Resident
People riding their bikes into the sunset.

This equity-focused campaign for livable streets will fundamentally transform the transportation system in Columbia - creating streets that eliminate underlying causes of health inequities, and enable all people to thrive.

Why Livable Streets?
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Photo Credit: Jonathan Asher and Avery Abbott